About Us

About Schmidt Quarries

Our Company History

Schmidt Quarries was started in 1974 by Geoffrey Schmidt. The company was based at Collector and owned a single truck carting from Lake George to Canberra and Goulburn. It was said that Geoff painted the first truck orange so he could stand on the range above Lake George and see where his truck was.

The company grew from haulage alone to operating its own quarries, and is now operated by Geoff’s son, David. Schmidt Quarries now employs over 45 staff, operates 6 quarries and has a fleet of 15 truck and dogs.


Health and Safety
Schmidt Quarries is committed to the health and safety of our staff members or any other stakeholders. We strive to improve our systems and processes in accordance with the guidelines established by the NSW Resources Regulator and in alignment with federal and state legislations.
To supply a high quality, consistent product to our customers that meets their expectations. Provide quality testing to assure the quality of our product.
Schmidt Quarries supports a sustainable environment and the protection of the environments we operate in. We endeavour to conduct our operations and activities in an environmentally responsible manner.